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Tamicha Isaac is an award-winning philanthropist, founder and CEO of Miizmisha’s World Empowerment LLC, an entrepreneur & motivational speaker, and is an openly positive HIV activist of a global empowerment movement gaining recognition for her activism. Thamicha is dedicated and on a mission to change lives and empower them to fight for themselves and not allow a diagnosis of HIV to deter them from living out their dreams while bringing awareness and HIV education to communities worldwide. As an activist and health educator, Ms. Isaac is taking her experiences and selflessly seeking to educate and empower others. Thamicha Isaac has shown courage in sharing her personal story of heartache, pain, triumph, determination, power, and resiliency, moving forward in bravery and transparency. It is a story that can transform and inspire the lives of individuals affected by HIV, whether a personal diagnosis or someone they care for and love.

Alicia is the CEO and Founder of “I Will Live.” Ms. Diggs became an HIV/AIDS Activist, Educator, and Speaker in 2004. Her goal is to help the community understand the importance of STD/STI prevention, advocating against stigma and discrimination, knowing your HIV status by getting tested, as well as living healthy and productive lives through empowerment and education. In addition, Ms. Diggs has spoken for various organizations that provide services for persons living with HIV in North Carolina.

Stacy Jennings-Senghor is a long term survivor of HIV. She has been living with HIV for 27 years. She feels that Healing.Is.Vital as she lives her life to the fullest each and everyday. She believes that no matter what life throws her way that she is able to overcome it. She states that there is nothing God has brought her to, that He won’t bring her through.

A woman wearing black dress smiling
A woman wearing black dress and smiling
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Patricia (PAT) Kelly is a native New Yorker residing in Orangeburg, SC. At 67, she is aging gracefully and gratefully. She was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in 1985/1998. She is the founder and Executive Director of A Family Affair Living Our Best Life, HIV/AIDS Ministry at Victory Tabernacle in Orangeburg. She is a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother of eight. She is a member of various Local and National HIV advocacy groups across the U.S. She has been honored by the 20/20 Leading Women’s Society- of SisterLove Inc-First class 2009.   In September 2014 received an honor from Positive Living Conference as the first Black woman to receive the Martin Delaney Power of One HIV/AIDS Advocacy Award. As a Common Threader had the honor of being the first US group to make red ribbons for Levi Strauss World AIDS Day and, under the Micro Enterprising of Common Threads, had a booth at International AIDS Conference in Durban, South Africa, in 2016. She has many affiliations, local, regional, and national.

Personal Motto “I Live to serve As I server others I serve myself.”

Lepena Reid is a role model of universal hope and healing, diagnosed with HIV in the late 80’s, she is demonstrating that you can overcome health challenges, improve your quality of life, become resilient and thrive. Working with individuals, groups and women at every stage in life to assist them in building confidence, accelerate the liberation of Black cisgender women’s human rights and create a fulfilling life. The Founder of (ASK) A Survivors Keys, she has the role of connector, and her Red Ribbon Earwear Project does that by developing healthy conversations, increasing awareness, and providing support to the HIV community, a certified Trainer and Educator in HIV awareness and prevention, she co-facilitates a national virtual support group for Cisgender Black Women and collaborates with organizations in Florida and nationally. A dedicated member of several advisory boards and an Honorary member of the National Black Nurse’s Association-Tampa chapter.  Lepena, penned a collection of poems entitled “Angel In Divine Service” and recently had the honor of being featured in the 2021 issue of Poz Magazine, celebrating the accomplishments of Black advocates.

Bonetta Spratley is a Black Woman living with HIV for over 30 yrs and is an advocate working in the field of HIV for over 20 years.  She has rendered services in prevention and clinical settings and has a passion for working diligently with newly diagnosed and their families. She also has a passion for connecting those persons that are living in silence with others alike.  She works remotely with Nonprofit organizations serving Black women living with HIV, one being SEEDS of Healing, Inc, Wilmington, NC as a Moderator for the organization’s social media web-based platform for Black Women living positively. This site brings together Black women from around the US through webinars, networking, and empowering one another to stay in the fight.

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Is a 7 Community Health Worker, Client Advocate, Bridge Counselor, and public speaker. She has worked in the field of HIV/AIDS for over twenty-five years and has this to say…

“Being a Community Health Worker fuels my passion for having a voice in the HIV Community and has made a difference in many lives and in my own life. I aim to empower others by letting them know we can be active in our health and talk to our doctors about what’s going on with our health. People living with HIV should be able to express themselves without judgment from others. Yes, we have come a long way, but we have a long way to go. It’s time to stop being silent. Knowledge is power.”

Lynette is the Founder and Executive Director of I Am U, Inc. Through I Am U, Lynette guides and encourages women to live their lives beyond their HIV diagnosis.  She also creates unique platforms to support serodiscordant couples and children of parents diagnosed with HIV.  Lynette educates through workshops, presentations, skits, and other creative methods. She has facilitated and co-facilitated workshops on topics varying from HIV/AIDS, healthy relationships, abstinence, and others to a variety of audiences, both faith-based and non-faith based.

Masonia is a mother of 2, HIV/AIDS Activist, and Certified Speaker. She is a founder/ Executive Director of the non-profit organization Lady BurgAndy Inc. 501c3 servicing women and youth impacted by HIV. With her expertise in trauma experiences, perinatal transmission, and advocacy she leverages her capacity coaching through Legacy Leadership Consulting Firm to help leaders and grassroots organizations participate in organizational development and change. Masonia has had magazine features on the cover of PEOPLE & Positively Aware, in TIME & ESSENCE, and in campaigns around the globe. She serves as an ambassador for She’s Positive, Heather Ivy, CDC’s “Stop HIV Together” and Kaiser’s, “Greater Than AIDS”, and is a global blogger for The Well Project, 2nd Vice Chair of the Metro Atlanta Ryan White Planning Council and a member of Positive Women’s Network and the National Council For Negro Women Executive Health Committee.

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Ciarra “Ci Ci” Covin who has been a survivor of HIV for more than a decade, diagnosed at the age of 20 in a small rural town in the southern region of the United States. She is both professionally and personally committed to advancing the dialogue around HIV and breastfeeding.

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Antoinette Jones was born and raised in Bronx, NY by way of Northern Virginia before settling in Atlanta, GA. She began her work with HIV advocacy in her early 20s, as a Peer Navigator, facilitating access to preventative care and treatment for people living with and at risk for HIV. She identifies as a Vertical Woman Living with HIV, meaning she has been living with HIV since Birth. Antoinette was called to peer advocacy to combat the isolation many people born with HIV go through due to the lack of awareness.