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Q: Can anyone invite qualified participants to the website?

A: Yes! The website link is here. The website is designed for Black, African-American women living with HIV.

Q: Is this site ONLY for participants that live in the Southern region?

A: No, all Black Women Living Positively are welcome to use the site. However, only members from the Southern states are eligible to participate in the data collection regarding medication adherence.

Q: How can I become a content contributor?

A: Those interested in contributing a video, blog, podcast or info chart can complete the content contributor application for consideration.

Q: Is membership confidential?

A: Registered members are encouraged to create anonymous profiles while participating on the site. Additionally, members can use avatars for their profile pics or no profile pic at all. 

Q: The person who asked me to join said I would be paid for engaging with the website, how do I receive money?

A: Only women who are eligible (living in the southern United States) and complete all the adherence check-in questionnaires will receive a flat $40 after they complete the last monthly questionnaire. There is an additional option of payment when asked to participate in a focus group evaluating the website.

Q: How do I complete the initial participant agreement and compliance form?

A: Click on the link below and you will be redirected to the Qualtrics survey.